The I HEART Kindness Coloring and Poster Contests

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Safe Fleet is excited to announce our fourth annual United Against Bullying Coloring Contest. This year we’re even more excited to announce the addition of a new contest for older students, the United Against Bullying Poster Contest.

Both contests begin on Monday, July 10th and end Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. The theme for this year’s contests is “I HEART Kindness.” Why? Because kindness stops bullying. The contests are designed to start and spread conversations on kindness and bullying, to empower students, to keep them safe, and to help end bullying.

Conversations about desired behaviors, such as kindness, are proving to be more successful in creating changing than just talking about bullying. But education continues to be important to prevent and address bullying, including information such as:

  • What is bullying
  • What is the difference between bullying and someone being mean or having a bad day
  • What to do if you’re bullied or you witness bullying
  • How to be an upstander, stand up to a bully, and not a bystander.

Please see the buttons below for the Rules and Regulations, prizes, and how to enter the contest you are interested in. Good luck to everyone!

If you can be anything, be kind.


2017 Coloring Contest Sheet

2017 Coloring Contest Entry

To download the Coloring Sheet: 2017 Coloring Contest Entry

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